"Delivering Food to those who need it most."
       At Project Hope,  our mission is to eradicate poverty in Beaver County and to be a Regional Resource Center that will provide food to families who need it the most.  What started with a handful of local families, Project Hope has expanded into a County-Wide Program that provides a Main Site that feeds over 1,200 families  per month and a Delivery Program that feeds 2,000 families per month.  

Project Hope Stats:
Food Delivery:
62,664 pounds of groceries distributed
5,822 families given 1 weeks worth of groceries
17,466 individuals fed through our food delivery program

Main Site Distribution
62,400 Pounds of Groceries distributed
7,800 Families given 1 weeks worth of groceries
23,400 Individuals fed through grocery program
5,200 hot meals provided 
Main Site Distribution:
Every Thursday 10 AM-2 PM

Next Delivery:
Saturday, June 26th, 2021
10 AM-2 PM
Beaver County Housing Authority Family Sites

Need Food: 
Email: redeemedofbc@gmail.com 

Email: redeemedofbc@gmail.com